info request about Donald Fauntleroy Duck as symbol g.bassi at
Sun Jan 30 21:15:31 CET 2005

Hello everyone!,

I read from italian publication, called "Disney Parade" (published with 
DFD's 3D model), that Donald Fauntleroy Duck was choosed by more than 200 
allied fighting units as its emblem, during World War II.

Furthermore I read he's mascotte of Oregon University.

Then I add some my own consideration.
It's also well known that "Donald in Mathmagic Land" movie by Hamilton 
Luske was documented by Heinz Haber, who worked together with Werner von 
Braun, the man who mostly contributed to the launch of the first man over 
the lunar ground in 1969. There's also an italian comics version of
that story.

Thus bellicose character and cultural character are both
included in the sunny DFD !!

Now my question: can someone give me more information about
such a bellicose character, not wicked! , e.g. explaining me
which were such war units?

Thanks a lot !!!!!

--Giancarlo Bassi

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