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Hi all. :)

Here's what is coming from Gemstone in September 2005 courtesy of Previews 
Volume XV #7:

Donald Duck Adventures #14 --- Three long Disney adventure stories: Donald 
Duck as the Masked Avenger in "Crisis"; Uncle Scrooge in "The Last Subway," by 
Stefan Petrucha and Pasquale Venanzio; Donald Duck in "The Lost City of 
Shoe-Ping" by Frank Jonker and Xavier; and a short feature starring Minnie Mouse. SC, 
128 pages, FC $7.95

Donald Duck and Friends #332 --- As a special Halloween treat, this issue 
features Carl Barks' classic 32-page story, "Trick or Treat," complete with pages 
that were deleted by Western Publishing for its initial printing, but were 
restored in the 1980's for inclusion in the Carl Barks Library. 7x10, 32 pages, 
FC. $2.95

Mickey Mouse and Friends #281 --- Three eerie stories are presented in time 
for Halloween: Mickey Mouse in "Poltergeist Panic," by Paul Hala and Jorge 
David; Donald Duck in "The Shy Ghost," by Mike Sharland, Jack Sutter, and Vicar, 
and Mickey again in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse," by Stefan Petrucha and 
Rodriques. 7x10, 32 pages, FC. $2.95

Uncle Scrooge #346 --- Uncle Scrooge once again contends with the amorous 
advances of Brigitta McBridge in "The Funny Carrots," written and drawn by Romano 
Scarpa. Pat and Shelly Block's Scrooge short, "A Bin With a View," is also 
featured, as well as two more Scrooge stories, and Gyro and Beagle Boys tales. 
SC, 7x10, 64 pages, FC. $6.95

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #661 --- Pat and Carol McGreal, Per Hedman, 
and Cesar Feroli's epic Mythos Island saga concludes in this issue with a 
two-part tale, "Back From The Brink." Carl Barks' "Krankenstein Gyro" and William 
Van Horn's "Hats All Folks" are also featured, as well as a vintage L'il Bad 
Wolf story. (I heard a rumor that Bucky Bug is assmebling a hit squad to rub 
out the wolf since that seems to be the only way he'll ever be back in WDCS. 
Even if that happened, I'm sure he'd be disappointed as Gemstone would simply 
replace the wolf with Chip'n'Dale instead. ;) SC, 64 pages, FC. $6.95

Not a bad month really, Scarpa, conclusion of Mythos Island, "Trick of 
Treat", etc.

That's So Raven Volume 6: It's News To Me --- When Victor gets the chance to 
showcase his cooking talent on a local TV station, Cory and his friend 
inadvertently put Victor into a hypnotic trance. Can the gang work together to wake 
up Victor before everyone has to close his kitchen for good? Later, Raven 
starts her new job as sports editor for the school newspaper. But when an ace 
reporter in search of a coop finds an article that Raven has written -- revealing 
the results of a basketball game before it has even been played! -- Raven must 
work overtime to prevent her secret from being exposed. TokyoPop. 5x7 7/16. 96 
pages. $7.99

And don't forget to buy the new Lizzie McGuire box set with volumes 1-4 of 
the series. I know I will!

Derek Smith
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