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>>>how has death been portrayed in other Disney comic stories.
>>>Being Disney comics, I assume it hasn't/can't show up in the
>>>form of murder or anything gruesome like that (perhaps some
>>>very early 30's Gottfredson strips?), but I wonder if death has
>>>ever had an element in Disney stories in the form of illness,
>>>natural causes, etc. I couldn't really think of any examples
>>>beyond LO$, so perhaps some of you will.


There's the odd case of  the Gottfredson "Mickey attempts suicide" strips, prompted by walt Disney himself. gottfredson explained it to David R. Smith in the interveiw reprinted in "Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse in Color-- 1930s Comic Strip Classics", pp 107-8 of  the regular edition. it ran for about a week in late October 1931.

At the end of  "Terrible Disguise", the Donald look-alike spy defenestrates himself.

There's plenty of  "off-screen" shooting & killing in Gottfredson strips.
In "The World of  Tomorrow", the very humane Mekka girl Mimi gets in the way of  Pete's flame gun to protect Mickey; a fiery blast is all we see, then a pile of burnt gears.
There's one funny kind of  death in "The pirate Ghostship": "The Walking Death"! At the end of  the same story, the Pirate Pete gets burnt up by lava; one panel is trying to get away, carrying a huge treasure chest, pearl necklaces stringed around his neck, and coins in his pockets, with a mighty flow of  lava inches away from him; the next panel, you see his hat an a pearl necklace burning on the lava river; pretty striking.

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