Death in Disney Comics

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There already was a discussion on inducks last year about death and Disney comics ; i quoted two examples of death :
1 - The death of the mad scientist in 'Donald contre Mister Moster' (Paperino e il misterioso Mister Moster) a good italian story released back in 1955, and the death of Scrooge in the highly strange (and in my opinion classic) story 'Donald de Picsou en l'an 2001' ( Paperino anno 2001 , 1961 for the first italian edition, an edition of this story was published in the second issue of the french Mickey Parade : 735 bis, 1966 , last story of the issue ) ; i can't help saying again something i commented in my email back a year ago : this is not a surprise if some scenes of death are encountered in the Don Rosa's stories, that is is due to the fact that a biographical approach of the ducks implies a dimension of time in the stories that doesn't normally exist in both the Mickey and Donald universes ; if you relate a story of a family through the time, you relate the death of his members too ; about Mickey, Olivier quoted two stories of Bill Wash/Gottfredson released during the second world war, but albeit some stories of Mickey didn't dealt overtly with death, death is however an undercurrent theme of them ; i think about a story like 'Mickey empereur de Calidornie' ( Topolino imperatore della Calidornia ) where we see an ancestor (or a so-called one) of Mickey very aged and near the end of his life ; one of the main themes (amongst numerous ones) of this story is the matter of the old age. 
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