New Scrooge Web Site olaf.solstrand at
Wed Jul 27 21:40:06 CEST 2005

> One of the main reasons is that I've started promoting a new web site - by
> me - about my all time favourite character, Scrooge. It's a growing web
> site
> with lots of contents to come, and the first of its genre (English/Italian
> web site totally dedicated to Scrooge). I'd really like to know what you
> people think about it, and if you could spread the link around it would be
> very helpful :D
> So, here it is...Dimes and Gold Nuggets

Wow, I call this very good work. A great information source about the
greatest duck in the world.

I will add it to my "links" catalog. People need to get to know about this

Olaf Solstrand

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