Don Rosa's "Old Castle's Other Secret"

Larry Giver lgiver at
Sat Jun 4 09:43:46 CEST 2005

	Yesterday I bought Gemstone's US #342, which has all 3 parts
of Don Rosa's "Old Castle's Other Secret ---a Letter from Home".
I noticed in the opening splash panel in Scotland that the ducks have
a vehicle with the steering wheel on the right side---correct for the U.K.
But I didn't recall noticing that in Bark's original "Old Castle's Secret"
story.  So sure enough, in Bark's story, page 4 panels 3 & 4,
Scrooge drives his truck on the left side, which is wrong for the U.K.
Don Rosa sure gets lots of details right!
	So which Rosa stories still have not been published in
English by Gladstone or Gemstone?  I believe "Escape from
Forbidden Valley (D98346) has not yet been published.  Is it
on Gemstone's schedule?  Are there any others?

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