Don Rosa's "Old Castle's Other Secret"

Thomas Pryds Lauritsen pryds at
Sat Jun 4 18:05:34 CEST 2005

Larry Giver wrote:
>     So which Rosa stories still have not been published in
> English by Gladstone or Gemstone?  I believe "Escape from
> Forbidden Valley (D98346) has not yet been published.  Is it
> on Gemstone's schedule?  Are there any others?

Inducks can easily answer such questions through the COA website. Go to (advanced search), select "Story" as 
"Layout", Type in "Don Rosa" in the "Creators"-"art or story" box, and 
check "Story was NOT reprinted in" ... "USA". Hit "Search".

Note that the most recent American issues might not be indexed yet, but 
you probably know which stories to "remove" from the search result.

I just made such a search, and here is the result:


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