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Olaf Solstrand olaf.solstrand at
Sat Jun 11 00:53:46 CEST 2005

Sorry the late reply, but I was just reading U$292, and remembered reading  
something on the list a few years ago, so ...

On Aug 11 2003, Michiel Prior wrote:

> I would tend to argue that Goldie's last name is,contrariwise, an even  
> more obscure 'fact' than MissQuackfaster's first name. Goldie's last  
> name O'Gilt did,afaik, only appear 'hidden' in a newspaper-cutting in 
> Scrooge's scrapbook in the opening splash panel of Lo$ 9,while Miss  
> Quackfaster's first name Emily appeared in a*textballoon* in Lo$ 11,  
> after Scrooge asked *explicitly*for this specific piece of information.

Sorry, Michiel, but you're wrong. The "O'Gilt" name is used twice in  
Lo$ 8. Both on a sign on the wall in the Blackjack Saloon ("Goldie O'Gilt  
- proprietor") and in a dialogue balloon ("That's right, Miss O'Gilt!  
There'll soon be a lot of wealth flowing into Dawson!").

Heh, I'm a nitpicker, I know, but I came across this and thought "hey,  
wait a minute, didn't someone say on the list a while ago that this name  
only appeared in a newspaper clip?" :-)

Olaf the Blue

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