Bruce Hamilton

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Thu Jun 23 06:00:41 CEST 2005

I remember Bruce	

Thought that I should wade in on the Bruce Hamilton Tribute. You either
loved him or didn't!  Sure he could be gruff, irascible, cranky and
opinionated. But that was Bruce (sort of like Scrooge!) Bruce was one of
the major movers-and-shakers in the first decades of comicbook fandom.
Bruce's relentless promotional skill and enthusiasm was also one of the 
driving factors
that enabled Carl Barks to fully benefit both financially and enjoy
the spotlight that he so richly deserved. Bruce made things happen.

My condolences to his wife Helen. A nicer, sweeter person would be hard
to find. She was definitely the Ying to Bruce's Yang! I'm sorry that
Bruce will not be around to finish his "comic art museum" that was being 
built at
his home. I was looking forward to visiting and viewing his tremendous

Plain and simple, without Bruce, I don't think that there would have
been a Disney comicbook Renaissance in the United States.

We will all miss him.

Michael Naiman
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