Webbed contest Summer 2005

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Sun Jun 26 19:11:09 CEST 2005

The Webbed committee is proud to present the first
DCML Annual Webbed Contest. This contest is open to
anyone in age of writing, and smart enough to be a
DCML subscriber. The contest will be based on topics
relevant to DCML, and its goal is to promote the
knowledge and reading of good Disney Comics.
We promise we will take the utmost care to propose
high-level, wise questions only.

Note that the Webbed Contest is in no way affiliated
to a Disney publisher, DCML, The Rapallo Mostra
Internazionale dei Cartoonist or the Inducks project.

Webbed Contest 1: Tribute to Carl Barks (Summer 2005)

The first annual webbed contest celebrates the 2nd
year of the successful return of Disney comics in the
US, and is meant as a tribute to the best Disney
author: Carl Barks.


    * All participants should bow to the rules
    * Excerpts of stories by Carl Barks are published
on this site regularly, and a message with a link to
this page is sent simultaneously to the DCML mailing
list every time a new image is "published".
    * By "story by Carl Barks" we mean any item that
is indexed as a Disney comic story and is credited (at
least in part) to Carl Barks in the Inducks Disney
Comics Database. The image may be taken from any
publication worldwide.
    * The goal of the contest is to identify the story
the image comes from. To do this, you have to send an
email to the DCML with the Inducks code of the story
(or title if it is unique in all of Barks' comics),
the page and panel numbers. As soon as someone
responds correctly, a new image is posted.
    * The published image will be more and more
difficult to identify, and the contest closes when no
correct answer has been given in a one week period.
    * The winner of the contest is the first person
who answered correctly the last but one question. In
the unlikely event that no one gives a correct answer,
the prize will be kept for next year summer 2006
webbed contest. In the other unlikely event that a
correct answer is given 10 times successively, the
winner is the one who answered the tenth question.
    * The winner will get a prize at the next Rapallo
comic-book festival at the Domina Astoria Hotel. If
not present, the prize will be given to our friend N.
G. who will mail it to the winner. If no address is
available, the prize will be kept for next year summer
2006 webbed contest. 

More information and first image here: 

The Webbed Contest Committee.

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