SV: The Stone that Turns All Metals Gold

Alex Nielsen alexnielsen at
Thu Sep 1 11:43:49 CEST 2005


It is NOT sold until now;

Its "only" signed; "C. BARKS" and below is written "Idea Sketch", so
this is one of the (smaller than the finished official "The Stone that
Turns All Metals Gold" oil painting") idea-sketches.... On the official
finished oil paintings, the signature is always "CARL BARKS", and on the
back is a unique numbering of each painting.

The value for the one in auction is around $15000-$18000. Why the seller
set the price at $125k, I dont know ??

My best,
Alex Nielsen - Carl Barks items for sale (I have much more than the
FEW things listed there !)....

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Emne: The Stone that Turns All Metals Gold

I saw that an original oilpainting by Barks (The Stone that Turns All
Metals Gold), were sold on ebay for 125 000 Usdollar. Is it really worth
so much? I mean, that is what it cost to buy a little house!

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