The New Economy Pezzini´s history

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Fri Sep 2 16:22:05 CEST 2005

Dear DCML friends : 

In the history "The New Economy", Mr Giorgio Pezzini talks about the 
internet business fever, a very complex phenomenum , like an gold run, with 
a very good script. 

After decided to enter on the internet business, Uncle Scrooge tried to call 
for his accountant, to see how manage the activities in the nwe economy. So 
Huey, Dewey and Loui recommended to Uncle scrooge look for another kind of 
professional, someone who know the new economy, better than his accountants. 

In the real life, for some months,  managers around the world really used to 
forgot the traditionals accountants practices, and looked for new doubtful 
commerce practics because they really used to understand that the internet 
business world was a completely new theather for business, with new rules. 

The dialogue with Huey, Dewey, Loui and Uncle Scrooge was created only for 
offer a better script, increase the emotion ,  or really, it was a manner to 
demonstrate the real situation in that days ? 

I´m writing an article about the Uncle Scrooge relationship with 
his accountants, and if anyone know any aspect about, please, write for me. 

A nice Friday for all  ! 

Alexandre Saramelli 

Giorgio Pezzini 

The New Economy 
Zio Paperone e la New Economy 
A Nova Economia 
Tietotalouden armoilla 

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