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> First, Huey, he with mellow showers
> Opens the way for early flowers,
> Then after him comes cunning Dewey,
> In a more strong and tougher hooey,
> Next enters Louie and brings us more
> germs than those two that went before
> Then, lastly, Phooey comes and he
> more noise brings in than all those three;
> Huey! Dewey! Louie! Phooey!



> Donald's three nephews were invented to give him a
> lot of trouble in one cartoon, as only 
> foils for Donald.  They were not intended to be
> primary characters-or even considered for 
> making return appearances in other cartoons.  They
> were so unimportant, that 
> background information was not even necessary.  

I see. That seems to be quite right. 

> BUT, he didn't have 
> license to change their characters from those of the
> cartoons.  So they had to stay  triplets, 

I don't understand this: Dind't Barks himself create
HDL characters, for comics? 


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