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>I came across an interesting-sounding book  when  browsing:


>Does  anyone here know what it's about, and whether it might be worth  

$16 for a bootleg?  Loose Xerox pages or what?

Used copies are all over the web at $10 up -- of course the  first USA 
edition was unauthorized by the authors as well......2nd edition is  the authors 
correct version (i recall)

yes, as stated this is a  publication about how Donald 
Duck and Uncle Scrooge are (at least in the  1950s-1960s in Chile) are 
capitalist propaganda.    Ive read one  of the sequels - and it seems mildy valid, 
folks who've read the HTRDD 1st  english edition,  state that either the 
authors are making some stuff up -  or the translations the authors  read  were 
horribly done.   

Worth purchasing? Depends on your need to read Marxist criticism of  Disney 

steven rowe

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