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Rob Klein bi442 at lafn.org
Thu Sep 8 10:54:41 CEST 2005

Thank you, Stephan Persson for providing us the actual dates of firt appearance of Huey, 
Dewey and Louie in films (4/1938) and newspaper strip (10/1937).  

I had read that they were "created specifically for a Donald Duck short cartoon, and knew 
that Disney usually had Taliaferro introduce upcoming new cartoon characters first, 
before the cartoon was released.  generally, the Disney Animation Dept. would design 
the character, and send a model sheet to Taliaferro.  The cartoons usually had a few 
month lead time from character design to release.  But, it is clear in this case, that 
Taliaferro must have used the characters of HD&L long before production on the cartoon 
started, and clearly designed the characters, himself, in this case.  So, in actuality, he

must have invented them for his needs in the Donald Duck newspaper strip, and only 
suggested they be used in the cartoons, for consistancy.  He had been ordered to keep 
the newspaper strip consistant with what was going on in the cartoon shorts.  Good thing 
for him and Barks, that Disney Animation chose to use them!


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