Anything but those!

Daniel J Neyer jerryblake2 at
Fri Sep 9 16:01:34 CEST 2005

I'll give this a shot. First I'll take the objects along the shelf in the
front of the picture, from left to right. First is the tail of the Jade
Elephant (Barks' "Treasure of Marco Polo"), then comes Scrooge's heirloom
watch--handed down from his Uncle Quagmire (from the short Barks story
"Heirloom Watch"). Actually, this could also be the watch that charmed
the Abominable Snowman in Barks' "Lost Crown of Genghis Khan" story. Next
to the watch is a bottle cap (Barks' "Tralla La"), and next to the bottle
cap is a tray of coins from the Treasury of Croeseus (Don Rosa's story of
the same name). The Number One Dime on its pedestal breaks up the shelf
in the center. Continuing on the other side, we have the
skyrillion-dollar 1916 Quarter (Barks' Atlantis story), a golden egg
(Barks' "The Isle of Golden Geese), the locket from Barks' "The Lemming
with the Locket" (I'm not sure about that one), and a square egg from
Plain Awful. 

Donald is wearing the Lost Crown of Genghis Khan (from the Barks story by
the same name) and admiring himself in the reflection from one of the
Spanish suits of armor from Barks' "Prize of Pizzaro." He's standing next
to an urn of diamonds (I don't think they're from any story, but I could
be wrong; I'm doing this from memory) and in the iced bucket behind him
is the Bombastium from "A Cold Bargain" by Barks. Next to the Bombastium
is the Candy-Striped Ruby (Barks' "The Status Seeker"). The huge circular
object in the upper left hand corner is the Incan jewelled sunburst from
Rosa's first story, "Son of the Sun", and hanging in front of it is the
Crown of the Mayas (from Barks' story of the same name). Hanging next to
the sunburst is the hammer of Vulcan (from Barks' "Mythic Mystery"). 

Hanging from the wall on the other side of Scrooge's vault door, we have
the Golden Fleece (from Barks' "The Golden Fleecing"). Behind it is the
Peeweghah Peace Pipe (from Barks' Land of the Pygmy Indians). Below the
peace pipe are Sir Francis Drake's plaque from Rosa's "His Majesty
McDuck" (the square object), and the Medallion of Nostrildamus (from
Rosa's "Curse of Nostrildamus"). Beneath the Drake plaque is the cover of
the original Junior Woodchucks guidebook (or of the last volume of the
Library of Alexandria, whichever you prefer) from Rosa's "Guardians of
the Lost Library." Of course, that's the fabled Goose Egg nugget, from
Barks' "Back to the Klondike", on the pedestal, and the gold bullion is
from "The Flying Dutchman" by Barks. Sitting on top of the Dutchman's
bullion are the Terry-Fermy trophy (Barks' "Land Beneath the Ground") and
the treasure of Sir Quackly (Barks' "The Old Castle's Secret").

Finally, the comics that the nephews are reading are, from left to right,
Uncle Scrooge #1 (the issue with "Only a Poor Old Man"), the first issue
of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories to have a Barks ten-pager (sorry,
don't know the issue number), and the famous Donald Duck Four Color
version of "Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold."

Whew! I think that's it. But I'm sure Don or one of the other members
will let me know if I've missed anything or mis-identified anything. 

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