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Gary Leach wrote: 

> Chris Barat wrote: 
> > As many people may recall (try as they might NOT to!), Huey, Dewey, 
> > and Louie had distinctive "looks" and personalities in the TV 
> > series Quack Pack. Earlier, Dewey got a bit of distinctive 
> > characterization (or at least a trait that distinguished him from 
> > the other kids) in the DuckTales episode "Duck in the Iron Mask," 
> > wherein he's described at being "the best at coming up with escape 
> > plans." Take these as canonical or non- as you wish. 
> Here's my reading: Just as "Donald's Nephews" gives us the first 
> manifestation of Huey, Dewey and Louie, so did legends of some 
> ancient tribal warrior(s) in Briton provide the first manifestation 
> of King Arthur. It took Barks, in the realm of comics, to bring us 
> the full realization of the classic nephews, just as Malory gave us 
> the full flowering of the classic romance of Arthur. Neither is 
> really Canon in the Biblical sense - a set of works accepted as 
> sacred - but they do stand as canon, that is, criteria by which other 
> works may be judged.>>

This sums things up very well, I think.

> I guess the thing to consider is whether something like "DuckTales" 
> or "Quack Pack" gives us anything towards the nephews that's on the 
> same order as what T.H. White's "Once and Future King" - or, to stay 
> in the realm of film, "Excalibur" or Disney's "Sword in the Stone" - 
> gives us towards King Arthur. Personally, I don't think they make the 
> grade. 

I'll readily agree on the "Quack Pack" Nephews, but not on the "DuckTales" Nephews.  The "DT" HD&L are pretty doggone close to Barks' versions, IMHO.
For sure, their voices (in English) are now the voices I hear when I read the Nephews' dialogue in the comics, just as I hear Alan Young, June Foray, Hal Smith when I read the dialogue of Scrooge, Glomgold, Gyro, Magica, etc.

Chris Barat
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