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Regarding H, D, and L origins:  i've written several articles about 
this and the story is in my forthcoming book on Barks.  The memo thanks 
Taliaferro for creating the nephews.  He sent a memo to the animation 
department.  it was common practice for Disney artists  to send memos 
to the story department with ideas for cartoons.  That's how Barks got 
transferred into the story department.  Hope that this helps.

Best Wishes,

Thomas Andrae

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> Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 13:09:33 +0200
> From: Gerd Syllwasschy <gerd.syllwasschy at web.de>
> Subject: Re: Huey, Dewey and Louie
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> Rob Klein wrote:
>> I had read that they were "created specifically for a Donald Duck 
>> short cartoon, and knew
>> that Disney usually had Taliaferro introduce upcoming new cartoon 
>> characters first,
>> before the cartoon was released.  generally, the Disney Animation 
>> Dept. would design
>> the character, and send a model sheet to Taliaferro.  The cartoons 
>> usually had a few
>> month lead time from character design to release.  But, it is clear 
>> in this case, that
>> Taliaferro must have used the characters of HD&L long before 
>> production on the cartoon
>> started, and clearly designed the characters, himself, in this case.  
>> So, in actuality, he
>> must have invented them for his needs in the Donald Duck newspaper 
>> strip, and only
>> suggested they be used in the cartoons, for consistancy.
> Hmmm, I don't quite agree. The story line of the first Donald Duck 
> comic
> strips featuring the nephews strongly resembles the animated cartoon.
> This means Taliaferro must at least have known some early storyboards
> for the cartoon before he drew those strips.
> I don't doubt that Taliaferro came up with the idea for Donald's 
> nephews
> first. However, it is up to speculation whether Taliaferro contributed
> more than a "Hey, let's equip Don with some nephews!" to the whole 
> thing.
> Gerd
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> Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 09:13:12 +0200
> From: "Ola Martinsson (AS/EAB)" <ola.martinsson at ericsson.com>
> Subject: RE: CBC-CBL
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> I stand corrected.
> Ola in semi cloudy Stockholm +12
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> Gary Leach wrote
> This may sound nitpicky, but the publisher of the hardbound black-and-
> white CBL was Another Rainbow, the same company that produced The
> Fine Art of Walt Disney's Donald Duck by Carl Barks. A follow-up
> series, The Carl Barks Library in Color, was produced by Gladstone -
> these were softbound albums, and they were in color. (It should be
> noted that this second series published most, but not quite all, of
> Bark's Disney duck stories.)
> Both Another Rainbow and Gladstone were companies co-founded by Bruce
> Hamilton, and the people who worked on Another Rainbow projects were
> the same ones who worked on Gladstone projects. But each company had
> a different emphasis, a different market arena, and different goals.
> Gladstone would have no more issued the black-and-white CBL than
> Another Rainbow would have published monthly 32-page comics.
> Gary
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