The Starstruck Duck!

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Here In Poland, we got some "Hall's of Fame's" last year. Sow we have Vicars, Romano Scarpas (yhe!) and Carl Barks.

[We still didn't  get any Don Rosa's...witch just isn't fair! In fact, he is fan-favorite here. I'm judging by my duck-fan friends opinions. And who can blame them? ;-)] 

Sadly they not planning any New "Hall's of Fame's". :-((


Well that's all about the "What's wrong in my country" part. Let's get to the point :

I herd in one of 'Hall of Fames" contains a "Starstruck Duck" story witch as I found out is some sort of a story-board script! Today I check the story title in to the COA search and. +5A+ //Starstruck+Duck++_


Quack! Sow Mickey and Goofy were include in a Don Rosa Story!?!? Wow...   


Why this story was never drawn?  Was it the Editors again (and if sow, why?) ?  Ore maybe some other reason(s)? What was wrong with this story? 

I suspect it probably was explain in the "Hall of Fame". but since we won't get a "Don Rosa's Hall of Fame" here [as I mention, year is passing since the last Hall of Fame in Poland sow I guess they won't print new ones :-( ] you understand my curiosity! 



Maciek Kur! 
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