Mouse Detective, Black Cauldron and the Disney feature film formula

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Lars Jensen wrote:
<Black Cauldron was never shown in Danish movie theatres, so I've never
<seen it and can't comment on it.

The  Black Cauldron was a dark, "weird" sorcery trek and is in a class by itself from all the other animated feature films.
The film is readily available from amazon US or UK and  it is worthwile to see if only to appreciate the entire Disney film universe. 
The film is geared mainly for an older teen audience and widely diverts from the Disney formula for children --and their parents-- movies which includes *both* The Fox And The Hound and The Great Mouse Detective.
The Black Cauldron was very bitterly criticized, but not by Leonard Maltin.
A movie comic book of the Black Cauldron was never made by Western/Gladstone/Disney Publications. (I don't know about Egmont), but I have a  1985 Scholastic Inc. version which is a regular comic book copyright Walt Disney Productions with 4 tier panels and speech ballons.
Disney produced another "weird" film, The Nightmare Before Christmas but perhaps having learned a lesson, they did not put it out on the Disney Label, instead Touchstone.
Surprisingly enough however, using their most famous character and symbol Mickey Mouse in a definitely *out-of-character* role, Disney came out with a "weird" cartoon short: Runaway Brain. Comic version MM and Friends Oct. 2004.  
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