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>Gary Leach, 01-08-2006:
>The only distinct characteristics between the nephews, as a rule, is  that
>they have different names and different hat colors. In U.S.  comics this 
>generally settled into Huey-red, Dewey-blue, and  Louie-green, in that
>visual order. This is more a rule of thumb than any hard-and-fast "policy"
>on anyone's part.
>In panel 1.7 of the raffle turkey pet story (WDC 75), one of Donald's
>nephews mentions his full name and possibly also the color of his cap: "The
>blue streak you see next will be Huey Duck on his way to a raffle!"

Youre being too literal. Saying that something is a "Blue streak" is one of 
those colorful old American phrases (still used actually) which denotes 
somebody who is said to be running off into the distance at lightning speed. 
It doesn't at all mean that said character is actually colored or referenced 
to be colored blue. :)

>For colorist such as myself, Sue Daigle-Leach, and Scott Rockwell -  just 
>name the ones that come immediately to mind - if there is just one nephew 
>panel, and there's no narrative reason he's any one particular nephew, then
>than nephew tends to be Huey, since he's  the first nephew in visual order.
>Do you mean that Huey is the default when there's just one nephew in panel?
>Where's the variation then?

Not *all* colorists do that. Mr. Leach just just noted himself, his wife, 
Mr. Rockwell, etc as examples. I've noticed many others who often switch it 
up, sometimes a solo nephew being denoted as Dewey or sometimes it being 
Louie if said nephew is notspecifically called out by name. It just depends 
on the colorists preference at the time.

Jonathan H. Gray

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