Direct references to Barks-stories

Frank Bubacz frankbubacz at
Tue Aug 1 14:42:42 CEST 2006


Olivier wrote:
The one direct [Barks self] reference I remember is "The Status Seeker", in 
the Beagle Boys go straight to the candy-striped ruby, guessing that Scrooge
would try and trick them the same way he had in "All at Sea".

Jerry wrote:
Barks refers to his own work in at least one other story, the "Water-Ski 
Race" ten-pager from the 1940s. At the beginning, the kids are "rolling in 
money," because of the reward they got for capturing the bank robber in last 
month's ten-pager (the one where Donald is trying to sabotage the boys' 
"detective agency.")

Halsten wrote:
There is also a loose connection between the two adventure stories in Donald
Duck Four Color 62, "Frozen Gold" and "Mystery of the Swamp". On the last
page of "Frozen Gold" Donald and nephews talk about going on vacation to a
warm place, and in the next story, there they are.

Just for the sake of completion, there's a fourth example in "The Money 
Champ": The Ducks are talking about their first encounter with Flintheart 
Glomgold and remember unrolling lots of string (see "The second richest 
Duck"). But I guess that's about it with Barks self references, and that's 
the way I like it, at least as far as Disney comics are concerned.


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