Japanese style Barks (Re: Direct references to Barks-stories)

Ole Damgaard ole at disneycomics.dk
Tue Aug 1 22:52:43 CEST 2006

I wrote:
>D N 98002 'Something Fishy' is a remake of  'Somethin Fishy here' (W OS
> 456-03)
> D N 96007 'The Mighty Duck' is a remake of  'Super Snooper' (W WDC 107-02)

And Stefan Persson replyed:
> There are more of these, but I don't have my Japanese Mickey Mouse Comic 
> issues
> here right now, so I can't make a list of them.

Oh. I only know these two japanese style remakes, because they have been 
printed in JT 9 . Are there more like in "a whole series", or like in "just 
a few more" ? And are they all Barks-remakes?


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