DCML Digest, Vol 42, Issue 3

Luca Boschi totemboschi at libero.it
Wed Aug 2 10:18:08 CEST 2006

- Unprocessed:

> Depicted: Donald Duck, Gladstone Gander, Gus Goose, Fethry
> Duck & Kildare Coot (aka Sgrizzo Papero)
> [...]
> Have all five ever appeared in the SAME story (outside of group
> poses or family gatherings)?
> If not, or if their appearances together in a story didn't really
> center
> on their interaction, do you think an interesting story could be
> written
> that shows just how differently they would approach a given
> circumstance?
     I think it will be hard to pull off a story that gives sufficient
     time" to all five characters in order for us to learn anything
     about them and their interactions -- unless it is a 50-60 page  
     enough twists and turns that everybody gets a chance to shine. And

- Ignored:
     unless the Italians do something like this, I suspect such a  
story is
     unlikely to happen, sadly.

     Well, you're right, Lars! Il the following story of mine, Fethry is
     missing (even if there are many other characters, like Scrooge's
     brother)... But it's only 45 pages long!

     Check here...

     I TL 2234-5 (22-09-1998)
     La grande corsa Paperopoli-Ocopoli
     45//; QQQ, *Paperino*, *Gastone*, Paperina, EEE, Chiquita,  
     Nonna Papera, *Ciccio*, Zio Paperone, Gedeone, *Sgrizzo*, OK Quack,
     Umperio Bogarto, Pico, Andy Ascott, Archimede, Edi



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