HDL Coloring: A Walk Down Memory Lane

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This is what Dan Haley tried to do in "A Who's Who of Huey, Dewey &
Louie" published in the fanzine The Barks Collector #11 (1979).  He
doesn't only use those situations where one of the boys is explicitly
named, but all of that story as well, as he assumes that they wear the
same colours throughout a story at least.  I wouldn't trust the
colourists that much...

When he initially looked through his Barks collection to find
instances where a nephew with a cap or outfits of some particular
colour was named, he found the following:

		Huey	Dewey	Louie
	Red	5	6	8
	Green	5	4	6
	Blue	1	8	3

(He only used stories by Carl Barks, but of course Unca Carl didn't
colour his stories himself.)


So in this little survey Huey was named 11 times, Dewey 18 times and Louie
17 times. Is there a tendency to name one of the nephews more often than the
others? I would suppose not.


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