Filler stories

Ole Damgaard ole at
Sat Aug 5 21:44:10 CEST 2006

Kai Saarto wrote:
>90% of time Zeke tries to capture the three little pigs

Yes, well, that *is* Zekes destiny, isn't it?

The late, great danish poet Dan Tùrell once wrote about the day, when Zeke 
did actually catch the three little pigs once and for all.
After a lot of soul-searching Zeke finally realized, that there was only one 
thing for him to do after this; and that was to let them go again.
Because what was there to do for him next? He had no other goals in life 
than to catch these pigs, and his life suddenly felt empty and hollow.
So, you see, that is why the forest universe never evolves. It would mean 
the end of Zeke as we know him.

Uncle Danny was a great poet.  :-)


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