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> Finally, considering Zeke Wolf, I guess a lot of dutch people just have a
> thing for him. The way he keeps chasing the pigs year after year...
> Now most of his stories are the work of ComicUp Studios, but there used to
> be another artist who gave the wolf sort of a world of his own, which
> probably contributed greatly to his popularity.
I guess you mean the 1960s Bad Wolf stories by Toonder Studio. Was artist 
Piet Wijn working there? (Known from "Douwe Dabbert".)

For me the Toonder Studio are Dutch Wolf stories that are really exciting, 
if only for the Toonderish art. What I like a lot is the good ladies club, 
with one sheephead-lady playing organ. (Juffrouw Schaapkens.) I think these 
Dutch stories are an addition to the American Wolf stories (WDC etc.).
Toonder Studio has also made Hiawatha-stories which showed an indian village 
with secondary characters. For example, a medicine man who's always wearing 
a mask. And a woman beating up her husband with a tennis racket, so that the 
man always wears bandage around his head

Best, Daniël 

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