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Thank you, Sherif Elian, and thbanks again to Rich!
Interesting families.
In all those mentionned, who were the first such twins & triplets in comics (Disney & non-Disney)?

The Katzenjammer Kids were not identical twins, but twins nonetheless.
Mickey had Ferdie and Mortie, but then one of  them was dropped.

I guess there's a comics study to be made on this subject, maybe extending it to The Seven Dwarfs and The Smurfs; the exact relationships are not stated, but both offer instances of  a host of  characters embodying character traits; the Dwarfs are easily distinguishable, but the Smurfs are not, physically speaking.

A few bits from my train of  thought--
The Beagle Boys, brothers and cousins, are usually indiscriminate, with the odd characteristic now and then (prunes, a diploma, a well-educated cousin, ...); they could stand for crime in general, general archetypes of criminals; with their huge family and worldwide association of  kins, they might also act as a sort of  Mafia; then again, they are not just criminal stereotypes, since other thieves and crooks appear and often outwit them.
Speaking of  twins, triplets, identical cousins and stereotypes, "The Many Faces of  Magica De Spell" depicts a society of  literally faceless people, where all are strictly equal, none being more handsome or uglier than the others.

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