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Chuck, thanks so much for your reply and thoughts about these issues.  I wish I was as good a wordsmith as you are!  You very eloquently stated your views on these subjects.

There is nothing to apologize for being an optimist and wearing rose-colored glasses.  If someone does not like that aspect about you, that is their problem.  I tend to like to view things as a realist: not too gloomy looking but not too rosy either.  I hope I succeed at that most of the times, but of course it is easy to give in to pessimism.

I too wonder about the future of Disney comics not just here in North America, but over the world.  Who knows if they will be gone before or after your 2030 guess.  I of course want them to last as long as possible.  I must admit that my main concern is for their continuing to be new Disney comics in the USA.  If that is selfish, so be it.

If I understand you right (perhaps I am wrong), you would have preferred Gemstone raise the price of the $2.95 titles instead of putting them on "hiatus".  I feel exactly the same way.  I would much rather them have gone up to $3.50 or even $4.00 than for them to have been cancelled.  I imagine that sentiment may make some people angry, but I really value Disney comics and am willing to pay a higher price than I would like if that is what it takes to keep them being published.  Of course many others would not pay a higher price and that is perfectly OK as well.

While some of the upcoming "one shots" and the two new annuals are nice, I think there is a better solution.  I mentioned it before, so bear with me.  How about having a monthly "Donald and Mickey" 64 page prestige title?  It would only cost a little more than the 2 monthly $2.95 titles and you would end up with the same amount of pages.  If sales and profits are enough for the two current prestige titles, why not make a third one in a format that seems to be working for Gemstone?  I would be interested in what Chuck and others think about this.  Would people like to see a third monthly prestige title?

Gary and David have answered *so* many questions that I don't blame them if they don't feel like answering any more.  However, if either of you are in a generous mood, could you tell us if there is a chance for a 3rd prestige monthly title in the foreseeable future?  If not, is it because you don't think it would sell enough copies or for other reasons?

Thanks again Chuck for taking the time to write such a nice reply.  I certainly hope the larger life issues you are dealing with all work out.

As always, I would love to hear from other list members with their ideas and opinions about Gemstone.

Dean Rekich
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