Suggestion for facsimile TPB

Ola Martinsson (AS/EAB) ola.martinsson at
Mon Dec 4 13:01:45 CET 2006

In Sweden and some more countries there has been for som years now
reprints of the early disney comics.
As for Sweden the equivalent to WDC is Kalle Anka. They have been
reprinted in hardcover books. And to top it of they are in facsimile.
That means that they have photographed or scanned old copies and
reprinted them exactly as they were in the original. Complete with
covers bound together in a book. Kalle Anka started in 1948 and was
monthly up til 1956. Then it was biweekly until half of 1959. And since
then it has been a weekly. It was 36 pages with cover. Up til now they
have published 1948 to 1961 in facsimile books.

I would definitely love if the same could be done with the old US disney
comics. Starting with WDC of course.
As I understand this is a very cheap way to print comics and Egmont
makes a big profit on these books.
This is shown by the fact that there are at least two more comics from
Egmont that have begun doing the same thing here in Sweden. Also I have
heard it from a person  working at Egmont.

Could Gary or anyone else at Gemstone please answer if this possibility
exists ? 
Don't you think that this could be profitable in the US as well ?
Or has it been thought of but discarded, in that case why ?

Ola in cloudy still warm Stockholm +10

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