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Mon Dec 4 21:22:40 CET 2006

Thanks so much Joe for adding your voice as someone who would love to see a Donald and Mickey monthly prestige title!

Gary, is there anything us Disney comic fans can do to get this to happen?  Would it be more helpful to send "snail mail" letters to Gemstone saying how much we want this to happen?  If Joe's letter is printed in an upcoming issue of WDC$S, could you in that comic ask fans to write to Gemstone if they support such an idea?

I realize that Gemstone has new plans in motion for 2007 and that has to be your primary focus.  However, I still do not see why such a third prestige title could not be added in the next 6 to 12 months.  Is there are a reason you can tell us why Gemstone would *not* be willing to publish a third prestige title?  Perhaps there is some problem with it we do not understand.

I would like to echo Joe's comment on how great it is that Gary and David have treated us "square" during this time.  I know I have said it before, but I *greatly* appreciate your contributions to this mailing list!

Dean Rekich
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