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I'm saddened to hear all the problems that Gemstone faces and the
cancellation of some of their titles. I really appreciate all the work the
Gemstone staff has done to bring us these great comics.

One way that Gemstone could improve the marketing of their comic books is to
make their website more child friendly. When you google "disney comics" the
Gemstone site is the first one to come up. That is great! However, the site
is not at all geared at kids. The homepage has been the same for years and
the opening sentence reads "Gemstone Publishing, through a licensing
agreement with Disney Publishing Worldwide, is offering a variety of comic
books featuring Disney's line of standard characters." Do kids really care
about the licensing agreement and that the comics contain 'standard
characters' ?

Compare this to for instance:

These sites are flashy and contain games and up-to-date information about
upcoming issues. If kids see this it will make them nag their parents to get
them a subscription.

Note also that some of these sites are part of the local official Disney
websites. I understand it may be difficult to get a section on dedicated to Gemstone's comics, but they should at least be
listed at to offer more exposure
and show the world there is more to Disney publications besides the Cheetah
Girls and Kim Possible.

Kind regards,
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