DCML Digest, Vol 46, Issue 8 (Now Museum, Now You Don't)

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Sat Dec 9 04:09:35 CET 2006

Joe wrote (to Dave Rawson):

> Seeing my own words in balloons over Super Goof's head was a great thrill. 
> Especially since Super Goof is one of my all time faves, and that most of the 
> later stories from Gold Key could have been written much funnier than they 
> were. 

I loved Joe's script.  I don't think one could come much closer than that, in this day and age, to the spirit of the "Vic Lockman-era" SUPER GOOF scripts at their funniest (and zaniest).  By contrast, when I did my translation of "The Great Paint Robbery" away back when -- I was in grad school at the time, in the late 80s -- I was more than a bit influenced by DUCKTALES, to the extent that I slipped in some "Quackaroonies!" and "Aye lads" along the way.  

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