Don Rosa Strobl US#50?

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Mon Dec 11 17:08:57 CET 2006


> In his introduction to the first episode of The Life and 
> Times of $crooge McDuck Don says:
> "I regard any $crooge tale not written by Barks to be 
> apocryphal. However in 
> UNCLE $CROOGE #50 there was a story drawn by Tony Strobl 
> which showed a 
> young $crooge earning his first dime by cleaning a 
> ditchdigger's boots."
> Yet I can not find such story in US 50, as I search the 
> Inducks. Has Don done some typo or other error there?

Don was mistaken. The story is "The Invisible Intruder" in Uncle Scrooge
Written by Vic Lockman.


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