Island in the Sky

Marc Newman marc.newman at
Wed Dec 13 18:19:29 CET 2006

>I am comparing US 268 (Disney - July 1992) to my
>original, Australian, printing of the story, which
>came out in issue G480 (1970).

>I hope someone else finds that interesting.
I found it interesting!  I guess I can see the logic behind those 
changes. Thanks for posting.

December is definitely the Disney-est month for us.  Lots of great 
childhood stories floating in as people search for comics that meant a 
lot to them as kids or are buying gifts for people who remember them fondly.

We also finally graded and listed a batch of Disney Wheaties premiums 
(mini-comics) and they were fun to read.  Boy, I'm not sure if those 
were taped to the boxes or what but they are in much worse shape than 
your average Disney comic from the early 50s, that's for sure.

Hope everyone is having a great December,
Marc Newman
"Super-Selection of Silver and Bronze Age Comics"

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