Carl Barks Christmas Stories

Fabio Blanco longtom at
Sat Dec 16 18:05:04 CET 2006

Remember that slogan... "Garbo speaks!"? Well, we need an era in 
animation when Donald will speaks. Donald, like the character we know 
from the comics of Carl Barks and Don Rosa is a complex, fantastic 
character to be animated.

I would love to see animated stories like The Milkman or 

Maybe we must expect the future days of Donald and Mickey in public 
domain, so a big animation company will make better cartoons from the 
most greated stories. :-P

("hey, officer, let me go... was a joke!!)

Leo Schulte escribió:
>     Michael Schartau's comments from Sweden were interesting.  I just
>     wanted to add that it is too bad the Carl Barks Christmas stories,
>     like /A Christmas for Shacktown /and /A Letter to Santa /were
>     never animated so they could reach a larger audience world-wide.


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