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Regarding Barks and Walt Disney.  Yes, Disney was reading Barks'  
stories, for a certain period of time.  This fact is documented in my  
book about Bakrs, and the way in which Disney preserved the integrity  
of disney comics and saved Barks' work from interference,   Please  
see--Carl Barks and the Disney Comic Book:Unmasking the Myth of  


Thomas Andrae
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>    1. Re: Carl Barks Christmas Stories (Leo Schulte)
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>   Michael Schartau's comments from Sweden were interesting.  I just
>   wanted to add that it is too bad the Carl Barks Christmas stories,
>   like A Christmas for Shacktown and A Letter to Santa were never
>   animated so they could reach a larger audience world-wide.
>   Do we know if Walt Disney himself kept track of Barks' comic
>   stories?  Is it possible he did not know these stories?  I have  
> never
>   had the opportunity to read much about Barks in a biography, but I
>   have not read anything yet about Walt Disney himself following the
>   Barks comic books.
>   I can understand the business descendants of Disney not recognizing
>   greatness and an opportunity, since they have made some really bad
>   decisions throughout the decades.  I would find it odd that Disney
>   himself, after reading some of Barks' stories, would not have used
>   them for a movie or for cartoons.  Of course, the TV era was  
> changing
>   things, and if he did know the stories, perhaps he thought they were
>   not "big" enough in the "Sleeping Beauty" fashion to attract people
>   into a theater. (Sleeping Beauty lost money when it first came out.)
>   On the other hand, with the 80's Duck Tales TV show much of this was
>   rectified!
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