Pundling and Pozzering

Gary Leach bangfish at cableone.net
Wed Dec 27 17:25:56 CET 2006


> With regard to a third prestige title, Gary wrote: “There’s lotsa  
> puzzling and pondering ahead”.

By that I was mostly referring to the Showcase/Essentials type books.  
Yes, there are things still to be decided about a third prestige  
book, but few outright obstacles. And of it's intended functions, one  
is to fill the gap left by MMF and DDF, and another, in direct  
relation, is to feature most, if not all, of the material already  
prepared for those now defunct titles.

I'm sorry that you don't see yourself supporting the Showcase/ 
Essentials type books. Admittedly, at this point I don't know if  
anyone will be afforded the opportunity to support them or not - re:  
the puzzling and pondering - but if we do bring them out, I hope  
you'll at least give them a look.

Taking off my associate-of-Gemstone hat for a moment, I've personally  
been curious about the prospect of Mickey carrying a prestige title  
of his own. Familiar as I am with Mickey's history of  
salesworthiness, and not much encouraged by it, I still can't help  
but wonder if, even so, he might not do all right in that format.  
(With said hat firmly back on the ol' noggin, I should say that no  
such title is currently being considered.)

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