The Physical Size of Topolino Issues

Frank Stajano fms27 at
Sat Dec 30 16:20:38 CET 2006

Hi Chuck,
good to hear from you again!

Chuck Munson wrote:
> Strange topic I know, but I have an immediate need to
> verify the size (height primarily) of issues of
> Topolino.  A colleague is helping me to construct some
> shelving tomorrow that will hold my issues of Topolino
> among other things.  I want to make certain that we
> construct the shelves high enough!  My own issues are
> still in storage and I've been unable to locate the
> boxes containing them.  So, I would be very grateful
> if one of our Italian DCMLers (or anyone with issues
> of Topolino) could confirm that for me.

The height has remained remarkably constant over the decades, at around 
185 mm. When I made my own shelving I allowed for 215 mm "floor to 
ceiling", just to have the flexibility to move other comics around if 
need be; but if you know you're going to have Topolini and nothing else 
on those shelves, you can go down to very narrow tolerances---190 mm 
would be enough (unless your shelves are so long that they sag 
significantly in the middle!).

The width, by the way, has increased slightly, from just under 135 mm in 
the 1970s to the 140 mm of today. And the thickness has of course gone 
down, though this is due also to a change in paper---issues with the 
same number of pages are now (on "magazine" paper) thinner than they 
used to be (on "newspaper" paper). But clearly neither of these would 
affect the vertical spacing of your shelves.

Best seasonal wishes to you too and family!


   Frank Stajano

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