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Thanks a lot, Lars, for your very clear and complete answer!!!

>>>I still feel bad about having contradicted that tree (and yours, for
>>>that matter). But it had to be done for the good of the story and for
>>>the good of the character.
Well, I forgive you, my tree just looks a little bit messier :-)
I think you were right to make this choice, I already thought about it before 
reading your message, and i really told to myself that, after all, Douglas 
and whitewater fit really well together as a pair like Scrooge and Donald so 
you're confinrming what i thought.
I'd really love to read this story!!!
And the coherence of one story is much more important than the work of the 
work of a simple fan such as me, and even of the work of Don Rosa, who told 
several times he considered himself more like a Barks-fan than like an artist 
(even though he's a great artist, to me :-)) And Don Rosa himslef has not been 
100% faithful to barks, as he didn't show whitewater as a DISTANT cousin...
Eventually, i'd say that this inconsistency you almost made could be 
considered as following Disney comics pure tradition, as it's common to see the same 
characer in a different role from one story to another (like aunt Agatha being 
once mickey's aunt, and another time Minnie's aunt...), and that somehow makes 
this universe even more  interresting, like in greek mythology, in which 
Hephaistos split Zeus' head with an axis which made Zeus be able to give birth to 
Athena, and where we later learn that Hera gave birth to Hephaistos himself on 
her own because she was jealous that Zeus had Athena alone...

>>>I seriously doubt *anybody* would want to marry Douglas.
well, we don't know much of Lulubelle Loon's personnality, but Fethry seems 
to have inherited this wacky personnality from his mother's side, so maybe a 
female version of fethry like his mother or in this case his mother's sister 
would be crazy enough to marry him... I don't know which one of them would be 
more exasperating, but i'd love to see them together :-)
Or maybe she's dead and that's why Douglas became even more bad-tempered...

>>>I still think it's a mistake to make HDL's father into the brother of
>>>Daisy, but, hey, it's your tree...
Exactly, it's MY tree!!!
more seriously, I like this idea, and there are several coincidental facts 
that go in the same direction...

*First, there is the opinion of Don Rosa that should be enough for some 
people :-)

*Then, in the cartoon "Donald's Diary", we get to meet Daisy's brothers who 
looks a lot like Huey, Dewey and Louie, thus one of them could be the father (I 
know some people will see them as HDL playing a role, but why wouldn't they 
play the role of their father and uncles?)

*Then, in Mark Worden's family tree, HDL's Father seems to have been taken 
from Barks' "Double Masquerade", in which this character has two twin brothers 
-which could be the reason why Worden chose this duck rather than another)
*Then, HDL often refer to Daisy as "aunt Daisy"
*Daisy appeared just after the nephews in Donald's life, so we can wonder if 
Donald Daisy didn't become close to eachother when Daisy saw this guy taking 
care of her nephews, while she could have done the same and adopt them and 
didn't... Maybe that's a reason why she loves donald that much, despite his bad 
temper, that was an occasion for her to see how much of a good person he is 
inside and how much he raised them well, all alone.

*That would also explain why she sometimes defend the kids from Donald during 

*Daisy's cousin Gandy from "The Chatterbox" looks a lot like HDL

*Eventually, there is this coincidental similarity between Daisy's father 
from "Donald's diary", and the nephew's granduncle upsy Duck from "Mastering the 

Why do you think it's a mistake? is this because it could be considered like 
incest, or because you just don't feel it that way?

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