Carl Barks Street (Almere)

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There is the Carl Barks väg in Spånga (Stockholm, Sweden) but this street is 
not named after "our" Carl Barks but a swede Carl Bark.


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| On a recent map of the Dutch town Almere, I saw a street named after
| Carl Barks.
| The street is in a newly built area. Streets are named after comic
| characters and comic creators.
| The Dutch comicologist Kees Kousemaker ( helped the
| Almere people with the street names.
| One of the other streets is named after Carol Voges.
| I'm not sure the street is already really existing. Maybe it's only on
| the map and has to be built later.
| When I have the chance, I'll have a look in Almere and make some photos.
| BTW, is there anywhere else in the world a street named after Barks?
| (Apart from the street sign "Nash & Barks" that used to be in Walt
| Disney World.)
| --Harry.
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