Lydia; also Gottfredson added to March WDC&S

David Gerstein ramapith at
Sun Feb 19 05:32:22 CET 2006

     Hey all,

> I was wondering if anyone here has any knowledge about whether the  
> lyrics of "Lydia the tattooed lady" in Don Rosa's story "The  
> Treasury of Croesus" have been censored in the American publication?

     Yes, they were censored. The Disney censor at the time  
considered most of the song too rude to be quoted. In Don's original,  
more of the lyrics were used than what Gladstone published (and there  
was less repetition, too).

> Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #667 --- A new William Van Horn  
> story, "Taking Things Litterly," leads off this issue, followed by  
> "The Imp and I," a new Mickey tale by the McGreals and Feroli, and  
> stories featuring Daisy, Li'l Bad Wolf and Scamp. Then, Donald is a  
> race car driver in "Gadabout Gadget," part two of the multi-part  
> Formula One series. SC, 7x10, 64 pages, FC  $6.95

     Readers should be aware that since the time we wrote this  
solicitation, "The Imp and I" and the Daisy story have been dropped  
from the issue; Daisy was rescheduled in issue 668, and "Imp" will  
come later on.
     Replacing the two stories is a long Floyd Gottfredson Mickey  
adventure, "Pflip's Strange Power" from 1948, in its first-ever  
American reprint. Complete in this issue... don't miss it!


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