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You're referring to the old version of my duck family tree

in my new pdf version :
these characters are renamed :
Douglas Fryseand is now Freddy Fryseand, as the name "douglas" came from a 
Douglas McDuck is still douglas mcduck and is maried to lulubelle loon's 
sister, which makes him abner whitewater's uncle, 
uncle médard is now egbert, one of humperdink's brothers
and the "hilbilly cousin" who looks like médard in named andreas a,d is 
humperdink's cousin

mistakes i made made us believe that andreas looked like douglas mcduck, and 
he didn't, freddy fryseand did

a new explanatory table will be  put online instead of the old tree's page 
soon, but not too soon as I'm trying to improve the page a bit, providing 
translations for each relative, except for the regular characters, which i'll 
directly link to inducks...

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