January 2006 Disney comics Previews

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Hi all!

I haven't been on the Internet much lately, but I saw Elaine's post, so I 
thought I'd start back with the previews, etc. :) Here are the previews for 
Disney comics from Previews Volume XV, #11:

Donald Duck and Friends #336 --- Carl Barks' classic ten-pager, "Biceps 
Blues," in which Donald tries to impress Daisy by becoming a body-builder, leads 
off this issue. Also featured is Mickey Mouse in "Plain Brown Wrapper," with art 
by Noel Van Horn; Donald in "Again and Again," by Kari Korhonen and Daniel 
Branca; and Donald again in "Loud and Clear," with art by Mau Heymans. 32 pages, 
FC  $2.95

Donald Duck Adventures #16 --- This book leads with "A World Beyond," a great 
73-page send-up of The Lord of the Rings, written by Spectrum Associates and 
drawn by Jose Maria Manrique. Also in this issue is "Pluto's Nose Knows," by 
Pat and Carol McGreal and Joachin Canizares Sanchez; and "Uncle Scrooge and the 
Bronze Gates" by Rodolfo Cimino and Giampaolo Soldati. 7x10, 128 pages  $7.95

Mickey Mouse and Friends #285 --- The much-requested "Return of the Phantom 
Blot," by Paul Murry --  the silver age story that reintroduced Mickey's 
greatest foe -- is presented as a book-length adventure this issue! Originally 
serialized in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #284-287, it tells of Chief O'Hara 
and Mickey's growing concerns that the Blot has come out of retirement to 
plague them once again. 32 pages, FC  $2.95

Uncle Scrooge #350 --- A new Don Rosa cover and pin-up page accompany this 
issue's reprint of his early classic, "Last Sled to Dawson," which reunites 
Scrooge with Glittering Goldie and Soapy Slick in the Yukon. Also featured are 
Uncle Scrooge and Beagle Boys stories by Kari Korhonen/Vicar, Pat and Carol 
McGreal/Nunez and Lars Jensen/Marco Rota. 64 pages, FC  $6.95

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #665 --- This star-packed issue features a 
cover by Carl Barks illustrating "Robert the Robot," with art by Dick Moores, 
reprinted from Donald Duck #28. Also in this issue is "A Fluid Situation," by 
William Van Horn, "The Picnic" by Floyd Gottfredson (!), the final installment 
of "The Magnificent Seven Minus Four Caballeros" by Don Rosa, and more. 64 
pages, FC  $6.95

>From Hyperion Books:

W.I.T.C.H. Volume 4: Between Light and Dark --- The Guardians continue to 
face uncertainity as Cornelia struggles with loss and Will's life is threatened 
by a  new enemy. 6x9, 128 pages, FC  $4.99

>From TokyoPop:

Lady and the Tramp --- The classy Lady and the scruffy Tramp seal their love 
with a kiss over spaghetti. But when Tramp's antics get Lady thrown in the 
pound, can the lovable scamp work his way back into her heart? 6x9, 32 pages  

Derek Smith
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