Gyro's nephew

M.J. Prior M.J.Prior at
Mon Jan 9 21:55:56 CET 2006

To Gilles Maurice:

On your tree, Gyro Gearloose has two different nephews, 
Wimpie and Newton. Your text on Wimpie is:

> In the stories "Spieken" and "Neef Billie", both by Ruud
> Straatman and José Colomer Fonts, published on fourth 
> cover of the 1986 Dutch "Donald Duck" #1986-37 and #1986-
> 45, appears this nephew of Gyro, who is called Wimpie 
> (Newton is called Billie in the Netherlands, so they are 
> different characters)

I'm afraid that "different names in Dutch translations" is 
not a very valid argument for telling two characters 
Recently I saw a Dutch translation in which Newton was 
dubbed "Newton" instead of Billie (or Wimpie). Would you 
take this to mean that Gyro has indeed *three* different 
nephews? [More triplets? Yes!]

BUT I haven't seen any of the one-pagers you mention and 
for all I know there could indeed be two different nephews 
involved, so this post is pretty useless, but I thought I 
should mention it.

I think Newton is a sufficiently minor character to get 
accidentally renamed by different translators. Wimpie 
could very well be Newton-Billie, since they look the same 
(on your tree). I think Ruud Straatman could very well 
have made a little slip when plotting the gag, for as far 
as I can gather he doesn't seem the person to bother about 
such small details.

And other (far more) minor characters and locations have 
also had different translations in Dutch stories. There 
are different translations for Fulton Gearloose, the 
International Money Council, White Agony Creek, Pizen 
Bluff, Pothole McDuck and Detective Casey. I don't think 
you should take Dutch translating consistency for granted.

> There is also a cousin of him names Hans in the dutch 
> version of W US 55-05, but it might also be a translation 
> mistake.

About "Hans Gans" from the Dutch translation of W US 
I think the text mentioned him as Gus's brother, rather 
than his cousin, but again, I'm not sure, because I don't 
have access to a copy, but I know for certain that I've 
read the story. If this was a translator's decision, it 
might be because Gus was not very "in character" in that 
story. "Hans" is more active and brighter, instead of lazy 
and a tad dim-witted. (It's a story about Gyro having a 
detective agency and Gus/Hans doing the actual brainwork.)

Greetings, Michiel Prior.

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