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I pretty much agree with you, moreover Wimpie wears exactly the same clothes 
than Newton, and the original title of one of his stories is creadited as 
"Neef Billie" in INDUCKS... So I guess I should remove it, but on another side, 
these two stories are quite recent, so the people who write the text before it's 
published must have deliberately known they were wrong, no? (I mean, maybe 
the scenarist goofed, but doesn't at least another person check scenarios before 
they get published?) About Wimpie, he seems to be less quiet and clever than 
Newton, playing with gyro's inventions etc, but I don't know the real newton 
enough to be sure about that... Maybe the persons that actually think that 
Wimpie should be considered as different (I think Harry Fluks does, or at least 
he's the person who sent me scans of these two stories)

About Giggi, Luca Boschi told me : "They
were created by two different story-men (Bob Gregory and Vic Lockman, maybe
one ignoring the other) and have two different personalities. But in Italy,
for example, the translator made a mistake and used them as if they were the
same character. Indeed, seems that Giggy was used only once in USA comic

So does that mean that each time newton is involved with the Junior 
Woodchucks, he is actually Giggy? Could somebody really think about this and check if 
there are no contradictions to this statement in any story ever?

Here is a list to some characters considered as two different characters in 
some contexts, which is just (or might be) a translation mistake:

* The Daisy Duck from the Barks sea story where everybody looks strange is 
called cousin Petra in Danish!

* Cornelius coot is considered as at least three different characters in 

* Gastoncino, Gladstone's nephew from 1907-A   (Qui, Quo, Qua e il cugino 
Gastoncino) created by Comicup studios, might have been intended to be the same 
as Shamrocks... (could somebody check how he's named in his two other stories 
published in Italy (W OS  649-06 and W JW   69-01, it would be benefic both for 
my work and the exactness of Inducks)   Moreover, in his last appearance, 
he's called Clyde in the US... 

*Moocher McDuck :
it: Stracetton de'Paperoni / Mac Mucher / Paperoff 
dan: Kilian McKluns / TimTiger / Skamplet von And  
dut: Sloebe Duck  
bra: Nadinhas / Galtério 
greek: Apentar McDuck 
And as many names as personalities (the way he's genealogically related to 
Scrooge even changes sometimes, I think) And the way he looks is also quite 
different from a story to another... But we chose to consider him as the same 
character, for some reasons, so I don't see why I'd do that for him and still 
consider Wimpie and Newton as different..

*Moss, gus' cousin from S 64107 has been translated in Danish as being 
different than Gus (is there a way to check the original intentions of the writer?)

*Hans, Gus' cousin/brother from the Dutch version of W US 55-05 seems to be 
the same kind of mistake : a character too different from his rôle... But I'm 
sure that if we check the original version, it's still Gus, I can't  afford to 
consider him as Gus (or at least as a possible second appearance of Moss) 
could anybody check how it's been translated in his country?

* Gyro's cousin from W DD   35-05 (here it's not the personnality that don't 
fit with the character, but rather his face)

*I'd be delighted to have precisions on the story D 97589 "Much Ado About 



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