Indexing Disney Comics magazines and stories

Stefan Persson spe at
Thu Jan 12 19:57:45 CET 2006

Nuno Silva (aka NJSG) wrote:
> Now, I want to index them using some sort of database system. And I want
> to do it using an INDUCKS-compatible system, in order to be able to
> contribute to INDUCKS.
> Can you suggest a linux-compatible program to help me accomplishing this
> task?

The usual way to index things in Inducks is to use a normal text editor, 
and there are text editors for all operative systems I know of.  I 
myself usually use Vim for indexing.  One indexer made an indexing 
script for use with KWrite, and I think Per Starbäck had an Emacs script 
at some point.

The format of the index is explained at .

Some indexers use various database systems, but I don't know if any of 
those indexers uses Linux.

In order to submit your indices to Inducks, you need a CVS client that 
supports SSH connections.  The combination OpenSSH + command-line CVS 
(both usually included with all Linux distributions) works fine for me. 
  You also need a password & user name on our server, which is usually 
only given to active indexers.  Others may mail their indices to an 
indexer who will then submit the changes to the server.


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