Daisy's Grandmother referred to in a Barks story????, addition to INDUCKS

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I'd like to focus on Daisy's family... 

We already know that her unnamed parents appear in the short "Donald Ducks's 
(funny thing I discovered : Upsy Duck from , is the great uncle of the 
nephews in the danish version of the story at least, so if we admit the nephews are 
daisy's brother's sons, then Upsy turns out to be Daisy's uncle on her 
father's side, so he's just next to her father in my tree, and it's amazing to see 
how those two brothers that weren't meant to be at all look like eachother 
(semi-closed eyes,...)

More seriously, let's talk about Barks facts...
In DDFC 1055, Barks Daisy Diary story "Donald's Party", Daisy gets a box by 
the mailman with a dress and scissors in it. In the French translation of PM 
380, the mailman says on panel 2 : "It's from YOUR grandma" while in a quite 
older publication in Le Journal de Mickey 1583, from 1982, he says it's from 
Grandma Duck... Does the original version mention Grandma Duck or Daisy's 

Searching for other references to Daisy's family I found in an old Journal de 
Mickey (n°796, from 1967, a story entitled "Les robes de Grand-Mère" 
(Grandma's dresses), which is actually W WDC 283-04, a Daisy Duck's Diary by Strobl 
(somebody should add this to INDUCKS), in which Daisy and her nieces clean the 
attic and find old fashioned dresses (Daisy tells to AMJ: "do these old dresses 
still exist? they were Grandma's dresses when she was your age". So we can 
wonder again if the Grandma is actually Grandma Duck or Daisy's Grandma... But 
once again it's the French version so the original one should be checked...

Another possible appearance of Daisy's grandma could be the unidentified 
female duck character that seems to live at Daisy's for a short period (Daisy's 
mother? Daisy's grandma? Daisy's maid? Grandma Duck? Daisy disguised as somebody 
else?) in Barks' W WDC 111-02   (I know it has been discussed a lot here, but 
has the question been asked to Barks himself some day?)

Then Daisy's grandpa is referred to in the Danish version of W DD  114-02   
by Strobl
(is he too in the original text?), as reported in Asger Pedersen's ANDE-ANER 

Her forefather appears in Strobl's S 76127 and is said to be a policeman in 
Inducks but it still has to be checked (does he have a name?)

Eventually, Daisys great-great-grandfather, called  Pamfilius And in Danish 
(which means something like 'Happy-go-lucky') is from Strobl's W CPGK  1-07   
"A Tree for Free", in which he owned with Scrooge's father the trading compagny 
'Handelskompagniet AND &
VON AND'. (Duck&McDuck). The actual relation with Daisy in the original 
version, and his name are still to check, but if it's true then i'll have to change 
my tree (as I had Daisy being Donald's Grandpa's brother's granddaughter : I 
have to make her more distant from Donald, if I don't want Pamfilius to be 
Donald's gggpa too... (informations about this character provided by Asger 




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