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Thu Mar 23 15:47:28 CET 2006

then someone *else* answered something that may have contradicted this
answer. (Or me and my suspicious mind just doubt it. ;-) )

Here goes:

At the end of the 1970's Thomas Andrae acquires proof sheets from Horst
Schroeder (who got these from a Swiss collector, who again -probably- got
these from an Italian archive). These proofs should cover the period from
1946 to 1955 (-right?). Other proofs were acquired from Bill Wright. Mickey
fan card from 1931 supplied by Andrae, himself. All other strips from 1930
up to the earliest of Bill Wright's proofs were reprinted from newspaper

Q1: How far back did the proof sheets from Bill Wright go?

So after Thomas Andrae had collected these strips/proof sheets, the first
20 sets were printed in Arizona by Byron Ericson.

Q2: When was this?

Q3: Were there 3 strips missing in the original 20 sets (and 3 strips
printed double) or did this happen in later prints, only?

Q4: Were all these original 20 sets bound? -and were they all hard cover?

Allegedly Horst Schroeder buys 2 sets: one bound and one unbound.

Q5: Was the unbound set really an *extra* set -and were there more extras

Q6: Was this deal between Ericson/Andrae and Schroeder lined up at time of
print, and at that time known that Schroeder would do a larger run of sets?
If so it sounds a little strange that Schroeder did not do his prints at
the same time.

Schroeder's sets are portfolios, and the print run is limited.

Q7: Did Schroeder do 50 complete sets, only? And were the number stated
anywhere in the prints?

Q8: Is it some of these sets that are now resting in some Swedish basement,
because Disney (or someone else) has withdrawn the permission to sell

Q9: When did Schroeder do these prints?

Peter Orban of " Comic Book Club Germany" start up a project similar to
Schroeder's All 26 years are to be reprinted as portfolios. The print run
is 500 copies of each portfolio. The project is stopped after 12 - 14
portfolios has been printed.

Q10: Was this stopped for financial reasons or was it due to Disney
withdrawing the licence (as with CBL)?

Q11: Were these printed from one of the original 20 sets (as Schroeder's
were), or were Peter Orban's done from a "second" generation print

Q12: How many years did Orban do exactly, and when did he do them?

Q13: Was this project finished by Horst Schroeder or not? and if so did he
continue printing the strips in portfolios or did he switch to bound books?

Some "loose" questions:

About the John Nichols edition of 200 sets:

Q12: Was this done from one of the original 20 sets, or from a "second"
generation print?

Q13: When was it done?

Some of the books "Wunderwurm" has are bound printed in 300 copies in East
Germany (- are these soft- or hard cover?). Where do they fit in? Were they
done only for *some* of the years in the span 1930 - 1955 or were there a
complete set done in 300 bound copies. If so -who did this set ??? Were
*these* really bootlegs as an East German publisher would probably not have
sleepless nights, over violating a print ban from the "capitalist Disney".

As you see I think there are still some unanswered questions regarding
these books/sets. I hope you guys will (again) help answering these!

As a little special it seems that "Wunderwurm's" set consists of a mix-up
of *3* editions: Orban's portfolios (500 copies), bound books (300 copies)
and the very first edition (20 copies) !!!

Or what????

I think it is worth trying to solve the mysteries about these various
editions. In contrast to the CBL -both in b&w and color -and even in
various languages- the Mickey Mouse dailies collections have lived a rather
quiet life. Despite being a Disney fan for more than 25 years I had not
even *heard* about these until 2 years ago -and then only as a vague rumour
that such a collection existed.

Best regards

Poul Frokjar, Denmark

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