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Thu Mar 23 15:47:28 CET 2006

>>>>That's insane! You can get one of those issues for $2 here in Sweden,
second-hand issues are available for around 20¢-$1 each. And selling the
*TOYS* for the same amount of money as the actual issues.! Why would anyone
like to pay $5-10 for an issue
that you can't even read?!

Of course it's insane, greedy and unethical... I'm just telling you what
American "collectibles louts" do, I'm not trying explain their mentality
about profiteering. These eBay auction will say something like "RARE!
FOREIGN DISNEY MAGAZINE! MIB! HTF!" ("MIB" = "mint in bag", "HTF" = hard to
find"). Now, no, I think I very seldom saw anyone stupid enough to buy one
of these comics for $5 or $8, but "a sucker is born every moment on eBay" to
paraphrase P.T.Barnum and greed springs eternal. The sellers don't see it as
greed... they see it as perfectly legitimate business, to get something for
as cheaply as possible (in this case, free), and sell it on eBay with a
"creative" description for whatever they can get. To them, it's the buyer
who must beware, and anything they can get away with is fair. Even if it
means taking my give-away comics out of the hands of the children they're
meant for (you should see the greedy %@$@#& who line up at toy store doors
here and buy up all the "collectible" toys they think will be "collectible"
before any children have a chance at them).
But there are many very honest and ethical sellers on eBay as well!!! (At
least one from right here on our ML, eh, "smcduck"?) I buy stuff off eBay
myself an average of about 2 or 3 times each week!
On the other hand, these "collectibles louts" do better selling the toys
from inside the bags. Americans are fooled in an instant if they think
they're being offered something from Europe that's even more resalable than
the give-away McDonald's toys they lust after here.
Collectible. Coll-ecch-tible. Ugh.

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